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The name OTTOPT is derived from the Greek word σπορτ meaning sport. The business is a collaborative company where coaches look at how grassroot sport functions and what products can be improved for todays quick convenient world with limited funds and resources. Each product design has more emphasis on real world functionality rather than a marketing department concept.




Collapsible Corner Flags


The collapsible corner flag set came about from training youth football for over ten years and having to carry four corner posts to satellite pitches at schools or recreation grounds which the club hired and had no storage facilities and if we did they were small boxes which a 5ft pole would not fit into. I then had to put these poles in a car with children with long spikes which could have hurt them, the driver or damaged the car. So I wanted to design something that would fit in my bag, be lightweight to carry, but also strong enough to withstand a Tim Cahill celebration!

So I had a look around the world to see if this was the case everywhere and found that in the US, “soccer moms” helped the coach by putting up these “fold-a-flags”. So the OTTOPT collapsible corner flag set is an improvement on the American foldable flags with a dual thin right angled spike which saves pitches getting damaged, which is also a common sight on UK recreation parks. This spike makes it so much easier to tread press into hard ground and also prevents the pole from breaking leaving the conventional spike in the ground.

The flags themselves are also made from a material which can easily be printed on allowing grassroot clubs make some money through sponsorship. So at a cost of only £19.95 (plus VAT) they allow money to stay in grassroots football.


The OTTOPT Ball Bag - Match pack


Being a coach, don't you find yourself in a situation carrying multiple bags to training and matches, where sometimes you need to park a fair amount away from your playing pitch. Also storing all these bags take up so much room in our garage or car when travelling. This Match pack holds 6 size 5 balls and can actually fit one more size 4 or 3 ball. I find this is the maximum you really need to take to matches. I also wanted pockets that could store all the other necessities such as ID cards, whistle, pump, water bottle, needle, bibs, keepers gloves and all the paperwork and tactic board. This bag can hold all that and has back pack straps, to even allow my 9 year old to carry it to the game. The ball bags has a couple of handy bungee toggles on the front to allow you to store enough markers for warm ups prior to a match. It also has a bungee cargo net on the base for those added extras like the collapsible corner flags, collapsible slalom poles or even the first aid kit.

The design of the bag remains in a rectangular shape therefore can fit in any small car and takes up very little storage space, unlike standard ball bags, which are cumbersome and allow the balls to spread out, taking up more storage space. I would suggest they are a must for any grassroots coach, especially with storage restrictions.




The OTTOPT ONE ball came about from being the youth secretary for a football club with 34 teams and every year purchasing hundreds of balls for the new season. It used to take me an age to pump them up and most of the time was spent trying to find the valve and the size number to then give to the appropriate team. So I researched heavily into how a ball was made and the costs associated compared with what they retailed for. So the OTTOPT ONE ball was born from the concept that it is a high quality professional match ball specification that can be used for grassroots training as well as matches as the cost is so low and the quality is so high. Its retro design which everyone can relate to and its unique panel to assist the coach make this a must have for every grassroots club.


There are many more ideas from the OTTOPT production line, so watch this space!

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All the products are mainly aimed at coaching at grassroots level, for the fun of the game, but that is not to say they can not be used at elite level. We just like to make our products affordable for all, so everyone can benefit from them.


Please check out the OTTOPT products page for the items we have started to manufacturer.


If you have an idea about a product that you feel should be on the market, or even a design change to a product that is out there but would be made better with an adjustment and would like to get involved. Then all you need to do is fill in the contact form about your idea and if we like it and it goes into manufacturing then we will give you 1% of its sales per annum!

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